DHC Student Mr. Ok, Se-yoon Tops the 47th National Physical Therapist License Exam


DHC (Daegu Health College / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) junior in department of physical therapy Ok, Se-yoon scored the highest in the 47th national physical therapist license exam.  Announced by the national health personnel licensing examination board, Mr. Ok scored 249 out of 260 (95.8/100), scoring the highest among 5,070 students from 87 colleges nationwide.


Ok is a returning student.  Prior to DHC, Ok graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at a different university, and he was seeking for a job in pharmaceutical industry.  Ok’s friend who was also seeking for a job severely suffered from back disc; Ok found interest in physical therapy as his friend’s symptom greatly improved through physical therapy.  Ok was captivated in physical therapy as he learned that physical therapists relieve musculoskeletal pain and aid patient’s mobility with clinical practice.  Ok decided to go back to college with a belief to become a national licensed professional, instead of struggling in job seeking ventures.

Unlike his drive, Ok was challenged with his major studies including anatomy.  Ok sought help from his professor.  As he was a returning student, he dearly wanted to achieve his dream.  Ok’s professors actively supported him by allowing him fully utilize both day and night programs.  Ok took night courses to review what he learned during the day, and actively visited his professor’s lab to put efforts with assurance.  As he grasped understanding of his concentration studies the learning process became enjoyable.  Ok, during the interview explaining how he regained his confidence and passion, dropped tears as he appreciated his professors for their encouragements and teachings.  Ok added that DHC’s national license mock exams and 10 sessions of prep classes helped a lot.


Ok shared his episode on a Russian boy named ‘Vitaly’ whom he got to know during clinical training at Kyungbuk National University hospital pediatric rehabilitation center.  Suffering from cerebral palsy, Vitaly couldn’t sit with his back straight, but nevertheless the child had limpid eyes.  Ok was surprised watching television a month after his clinical training, because he saw Vitaly taking treatments, walking with a bright smile.  It was this moment when Ok knew that becoming a physical therapist was his calling.  Ok volunteered to continue his 2nd clinical practice at pediatric development center, and decided to pursue pediatric physical therapy in his later clinical practices.


Dean of physical therapy Dr. Lee, Jae-hong(51) said “based on systematic curriculum, we analyze the national license test early and provide immersive courses to our students.  It was the dedication from our faculty met with hard works of our students that led to DHC producing the top scorer and highest passing rate.”


Ok, Se-yoon(32·male) said “I want to be a pediatric physical therapist and give hopes to the children and their parents.  I will study hard during clinical practice and excel myself to be a caring physical therapist who truly cares for his patients.”


Meanwhile, DHC produced another top scorer from the national medical technologist license exam (Kim, Sin-wook·Junior); a splendid achievement of producing 2 national exam top scorers in 2020.

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