Korea Red Cross Daegu Gyeongbuk Blood Bank Gives Blood Drive Scholarship to DHC


Korea Red Cross Daegu Gyeongbuk Blood Bank (DGBB) presented 2.7milllion KRW worth scholarship to 9 DHC students on the 13th.  Ceremony was hosted at DHC main building where DHC freshman Kim, Seung-soo and 8 students from 6 departments received 300,000KRW each.


Blood drive scholarship has been provided from DGBB since 2018.  The DGBB provides scholarships twice a year to students who meet the following criteria; more than 10 blood · 3 whole blood donations a year, active volunteer activities, and excellent academic performances.

DGBB provides scholarships to DHC students in recognition of DHC’s contributions to greatly improve public health.  DHC has been hosting blood drive for over 20 years and has been leasing blood donation center for free since 2005.


DHC junior Kwon, Hyuk-gyu who received the scholarship said “blood donation is one of greatest ways to show your love to your neighbors.  I fully support DHC’s blood drive festival, and I will share this great opportunity with fellow DHC students.”


Heo, Boo-ja, director of DGBB who attended the ceremony said “I am glad to present scholarship to students who actively supported our blood drive campaign.  I appreciate DHC for changing the paradigm and expanding blood drive culture.”


DHC has been sharing pain and spreading love since 1999 by hosting the first blood drive campaign with Daegu citizens.  Later the campaign evolved into a festival welcoming all Daegu citizens and college members; approximately 19,000 persons have donated their blood as of last year.

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