Daegu Health College Indang Museum Receive Support from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on 3 Projects in 2019


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Nam, Sung-hee) Indang Museum was selected to receive support from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on the college’s 3 museum related projects.

The 3 projects to receive support are; ‘cultural day’, ‘humanities on the street’, and ‘college museum promotion project.’

‘Cultural Day’ provides cultural benefits to local residents on the last Wednesday of the month from February to June in order to develop residents’ cultural knowledge and refinement. The program was planned with modern interpretation of a pig — in celebration of the year of the golden pig — depicting its symbolism and seasonal customs. Pig is a symbol of wealth, and as such, the theme was named ‘bring me fortune! find the five golden piglets!’ This program will have its participants experience making handpainting pottery, doll, fan, iris shampoo, and ricecake.

‘Humanities on the street’ has been receiving support from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for 3 years in a row. The program is educative in nature, enlightening the youths and local residents’ humanities, creativity, and imagination by seeing artifacts and people on site. Indang museum presents ‘happy dreaming wooden furniture’, ‘drawing happiness’, ‘drawing a dream’ using its wooden furnitures from April to November.

Receiving the ministry’s support for 2 years in a row, the ‘college museum promotion project’ is a program to invigorate arts utilizing Indang museum’s culture and human resources. This program aims at providing cultural privileges to the citizens. ‘Smart Talk Wooden Furniture’ is the theme of the program — 27 Hwagak handcraft lessons, 2 lectures, and 1 performance will be provided from April to August.

Indang Museum Curator Seok, Eun-jo (47•Female•Professor in Department of Early Childhood Education) said “with support from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, we will provide our utmost effort in serving as a multi cultural space and lifelong education center to expand culture in our area for the local residents, students, and the college staff.”

DHC Indang Museum programs are provided for free. Elementary, middle, highschool and college students as well as adults are able to participate in the programs. Contact (053-320-1857) for pre-registration and visit (http://indangmuseum.dhc.ac.kr/) for more information.

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