Daegu Health College Student Council • Honorary Ambassadors Unfold ‘Greeting Campaign’ on the First Day of School


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Nam, Sung-hee) welcomed its new comers and returning students with the ‘Greeting Campaign’ on its first day after the school break.  Campaign was held to welcome their students and to encourage students to greet each other on campus. 

DHC student council and 30 honorary ambassadors provided snacks and print outs (with department / facility information) around the campus from 0830 in the morning on 4 MAR 2019.  The student representatives welcomed and greeted their fellows to encourage a welcoming environment with exchanging regards.

The ‘Greeting Campaign’ aims to cheer up the new comers while encouraging students to approach people first and greet them with regards.  The campaign was planned by DHC student council and the honorary ambassadors.

Kim, Chae-young (19·Freshman in Department of Physical Therapy) after the campaign revealed “people often find it difficult to show their hearts to other people.  I felt a sense of welcoming from my campus as my seniors approached and greeted me with smile, so I want to take part in this idea as well.”

DHC junior representative Jeon, Woong-chae (23·Junior in Department of Radiology) and the student council president Oh, Chang-ryeol (23·Junior in Department of Dental Technology) who planned the campaign said “we greeted out students with smile and cheered for them to start the new semester with energy.  We thank all our students who helped us foster a smile-friendly campus.”

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