DHC Indang Museum Presents Lee, Myung-mi – ‘Game’


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) Indang museum invites Lee, Myung-mi for her exhibition ‘game’.  Opening at 5pm on 26th (Friday) and closing on 30 JUN, the viewers will appreciate Lee’s sincere display of the beginning and the present. 

Lee’s exhibition brings together her works from 1976 – her first work – to the latest in 2019.  Various spectrum of flat paintings (56 pieces) and installation arts (2), totaling 58 pieces of Lee’s finest works are displayed as an archive.  Graduate from Hong Ik University school of arts, Lee served as a projector during Daegu Contemporary Art Festival, which was a changer to Korea’s contemporary art in 1970’s.  Lee is one of the top abstract artist in Korea, well known for crossing the boundaries between concept and abstract design and use of bold primary colors, expanding her originality.

Lee’s work begins with touch play using hands.  Repetitive erase-brushing and various lines drawn on any shapes of paper stimulates the viewers.  Sometimes the fabrics are added to her works, and the fabrics are then added with pasted and/or folded stickers.  Thus, the fabrics are recreated as her own canvas, which holds Lee’s unique expression of her observation – the animals, plants, Hangul, and English letterings.  Her arts involve mouth-blowing and sometimes stitching to add the five senses into her works.

Lee’s arts bear no oppressions and are freely expressed.  Her works heal the viewers by considering the viewers’ emotions.  Modern people try to find joy within their instinctive lives and yet lives without knowing how to enjoy.  Her works send the message of joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure – the human feelings – and ask fundamental questions – how to enjoy and what kind of joy we should look for.

DHC Indang museum will provide convenience for its visitors; experience / educational room to approach Lee’s work, and docent program for group visitors (more than 20 persons).  To participate in programs run by Indang Museum student supports, call 053-320-1857 for early register.

“we have filled 5 exhibition halls with the works of the top abstract artist in Korea — Lee, Myung-mi.  This is an outstanding opportunity to appreciate the brightness and yet oddly sorrowful works of Lee.”

A symposium to closely appreciate Lee’s work will be held in Indang museum at 2pm on 14 JUN (Friday).

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