Oh Moo-sun Beauty Academy


Daegu Beauty Academy ‘Oh Moo-sun Beauty Academy’ hosts the 2019 London Sassoon School Invitational Seminar & Workshop

Daegu Beauty Academy ‘Oh Moo-seon Beauty Academy’ hosted a hair seminar and workshop inviting London Sassoon School from U.K.  Oh Moo-seon Beauty Academy has been in partnership with London Sassoon School, inviting instructors to host seminars and workshops.  Oh Moo-seon Beauty Art, a newly established course in partnership between Oh Moo-seon Beauty Academy and Keimyung College University (KMCU) also participated in the seminar.  Oh Moo-sun Beauty Academy and the Beauty Art, in partnership with the London Sassoon School, not only share the trend and techniques but also meet the international training standard for its educational curriculum.

The 2019 London Sassoon School seminar and workshop was held from 23 to 25 APR for 3 days at the Oh Moo-sun seminar hall, corporate brand department where the Daegu Beauty Academy Oh Moo-sun Beauty Academy is co-located with KMCU.  New hairstyle trend and various Sassoon-styling techniques were introduced during the seminar and workshop.  On 24th the host conducted hair cut contest among the student participants.

The winner of the haircut contest and the outstanding student from the workshop – as long as they are students from the KMCU’s Oh Moo-sun Beauty Art or Oh Moo-Sun Beauty Academy – will receive overseas training opportunity at London Sassoon School.  Participants in Saloonship program were also provided with diploma from Sassoon U.K.

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