Where All Your Prayers and Dreams Come True


There are many Buddhist statues all over Korea. Here in the Daegu metropolitan area, there is a special Buddhist statute that might make all of your dreams and prayers come true.

On the Gyeongsan side of Palgongsan is a single granite Buddhist sculpture that is about 4m tall and has a 15cm hat on his thick stone head. It is located on the peak of Gwan on a high rough area of Palgongsan. This sculpture is a special stone seated medicine Buddha called Gatbawi.


This could be one of the main reasons why Gatbawi is so busy during late fall when parents are praying and wishing that their high school kids do well on the university entrance exam taken every year.

According to legend, a big crane would fly every night to guard the Gatbawi Buddha while it was being created. Because of this, it is reputed as a miraculous Buddha stone in where if you truly believe in your prayers, wishes and dreams with all of your heart, then they will be responded by this Buddha statue and eventually come true.

So, if you have time and want to say a special prayer (and have it come true), then I recommend you to go to Daehan-ri, Wacheon-myeon in Gyeongsan (by car or bus - Bus number 803), and then take the hike up to Gatbawi especially with the spring season coming soon.

Gatbawi is located on the Gyeongsan side of Palgongsan but it is still a pretty good drive to get there if you don’t live near Gyeongsan’s Hayang. When I went there, I came from the downtown Gyeongsan area and it took about 45 minutes to drive there. It is mostly a country drive once you get past Yeungnam University.

Written and photographed by Thomas Mathews

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