Elybaden Spa Shinwolseong


Elybaden offers a variety of features including men’s and women’s saunas, an indoor family pool, a jjimjilbang, fitness center, a media-room, and even a food court.

Once you check in at Elybaden and pay the ‎₩13,000 (weekend, including jimjilbang, kids pool and sauna for adults) for entrance you are given a locker key. However, this key is for a great deal more than locking up your valuables. When you check-in you can pre-pay and add credit onto your key, or have charges added as you go and pay at checkout. This key can be used to pay for things at the various snack shops, the food court, and the massage chairs in the jjimjilbang. Simply stick your key into the paypad and the charges will be added up for you to pay at checkout.


The jjimjilbang area has a very modern design.

The locker rooms are clean and spacious. Ditto for the lockers themselves. There’s a snack shop where you can purchase some drinks and light food, there’s even a barber on staff. The jjimjilbang area has a very modern design. The high ceilings give the room a very open feeling, setting it apart from some of the older spas which can feel claustrophobic. There are floor-to-ceiling windows with northern exposure in the main room that let in plenty of natural light. The balconies give you the feeling of a modern loft. If you’re the type that prefers a little more privacy there are cubby holes you can crawl into. For anyone that’s had a rough day at the office, a row of massage chairs line the wall and offer intense twenty-minute rubdowns while still providing a good view of one of the large flat-screen televisions.

Against the southern wall is a pair of attached domed brick sweat lodges. There are two sections: really hot, and extremely hot. Next to the southern windows is a row of thermotherapy lamps to bring some relief to your aching muscles. On the north wall are three small rooms: a steam room sauna, a dry heat sauna with a gravel floor, and a “media room.” The media room is set to a perfectly comfortable 24 degrees Celsius and contains a tile bench circling a projector and a domed ceiling. The room acts like a mini-planetarium and displays images of deep space while soothing music plays softly in the background.

The food court offers coffee, beer, fried chicken, and traditional Korean dishes at reasonable prices.

The spas have the usual offerings: saunas and pools of various temperatures. Massage jets focusing on numerous parts of the body, and showers. The architecture is different from that of the jjimjilbang area and combines elements of a traditional bathhouse with a more modern feel. There are columns and arches and tiles which give a more traditional feel, but things like floor to ceiling windows, and lighting fixtures bring the twenty-first century into the mix. Some more unique offerings are hot water barrel tubs, and a red ginseng tea bath, which combines the relaxing feeling of a hot tub with the relaxing feeling of smelling a freshly boiled cup of tea.

The food court offers coffee, beer, fried chicken, and traditional Korean dishes at reasonable prices. Just next to the food court is a “multiroom.’ Which is basically like a jjimjilbang but with a projector and big screen that shows family movies. There is also a children’s playground to help make Elybaden a great way to spend the day with the family.

Whatever the sources of your stress Elybaden spa is here to help offer some relief. Elybaden Spa combines both traditional and modern ways to relax and ease your tensions, and it’s easy to spend a whole day there. I can think of very few things more relaxing than a spa day with chicken and beer in one convenient location, and even fewer that are legal.
Address: 대구광역시 달서구 조암로 38

Written and Photographed by Kyle Decker

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