Geojedo – Island Paradise for a Weekender!


I have finally found a place that feels like vacation home in some ways. The second largest island in Korea, Geojedo is a popular place near Busan with beaches, a POW museum, and a botanical island accessible by boat.

Geojedo locals are friendly and have a very relaxed vibe about them. There are plenty of Europeans and other Westerners working in the shipbuilding industry among other similar occupations. There are a few must see places that make it a trip worthwhile to take, even if you aren’t into beaches.


WahyeonMoraeSup Beach

와현모래숲 해변

The pension I go to is located in the southern east area of WahyeonMoraeSup Beach (와현모래숲해변). It is accessible by bus. The Ilban (일반 ) 60 or 60-1  bus takes you to the WahyeonHaesuYukjang stop (와현해수욕장). What I love about this place is that it is not even a block away from the beach. The beach is snuggled in a calm bay, with not a lot of people, which makes it ideal if you want to get away from the noisy beaches. Most importantly, you also have a CU on the corner and a GS25 right on the road. Just perfect. If you have a car, the mart is a fast 7 to 10 minute drive into town, where you can also find the best pizza on the island.



The best thing about Pizzaro is that it is not frozen pizza! The guy who owns Pizzaro is super friendly if you can speak a little Korean. Pizzaro (피자로) owes its praise to the cheese they use, a specialty from the cheese region in Imsil, Jeollado and to the homemade dough he makes. Highly recommended and a short cab away. It is accessible by bus, but I would advise using Kakao taxi to go there then head to the mart up a few blocks to replenish your supplies and take a cab back home.

  • Pizzaro address: 경남 거제시 일운면 거제대로 2503
  • Bus: 23,24, 60, 61, 62, 67 bus at Jisaepo Bus stop (지세포)
  • 주소 : 경남 거제시 일운면 거제대로 2503
    버스 : 23,24, 60, 61, 62, 67번 버스, 지세포 정류장 하차


Box In Post 1 – Laluce – 300×250


Full House Pension

풀 하우스 펜션

Full House Pension (풀하우스펜션) has a few rooms to offer, with barbeque picnic tables at the bottom floor. The best room in size and comfort is room 101, which comfortably rooms 10 to 15 people for 200,000 won a night offseason. For 20,000 extra the owner will set up the barbeque grill for you so you can eat plenty of the meat you bought at the mart. As a side note, if you can, try buying the meat in Daegu and traveling with it. Meat can be pricey on the island.

A Lil Bit of Pension Etiquette
펜션 에티켓

Pensions are a little different than hotels. Here are some tips on etiquette and getting the most out of your experience:

1) Rule of thumb: leave the place as you found it. That means cleaning dishes before you leave. Imagine it is like staying at a friend’s house or a distant relative.

2) The bedding and used towels can be left in a corner or in one place for the owners to wash.

3) Speaking of friend or relative’s house… ideally that is a bit of what it should feel like. The best part about pensions is that they can feel a bit like Bed and Breakfast places. The owners tend to be invested in their patrons and even the other people staying will interact with you. I’ve had people share a dish and cake they’ve brought during out barbeque cookout.


Written and photographed by Alex A-che

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