Bohyeon Zipline


As of the last two days, the 1.4 km zipline overlooking the Bohyunsan Dam, in the city of Yeongcheon, has welcomed over 10,000 visitors and generated over 300 million won in revenue.

The zipline opened on September 20th and has had 10,000 customers in just 8 months. In addition, the lucky 10,000th customer was provided with souvenirs and a free boarding pass.

Customers can zip down the wire at a speed of 100km per hour, while enjoying the beautiful forests of Bohyeon Mountain. The 1.4 km zip line also offers a scenic view of the skies and is starting to become a staple of Yeongcheon’s new leisure culture.


On weekdays, the zip line is mainly visited by office workers looking for some down-time. On public holidays and weekends, thrill-seekers from all over the country make up 90 percent of the zipline’s users.

Everyone from couples to families and even seniors are enjoying the zipline. In addition, there is a star-themed village and camping areas located nearby for citizens to enjoy.

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