New Landmark of Daegu!! The Ferris wheel in Dongseong-ro.


The Ferris wheel in Dongseong-ro gathering city’s attention as the new landmark of Daegu will begin its service from the 17th.  ‘Twist tower’ and other rides will begin service soon to thrill the citizens of Daegu and the tourists Korea-wide.

The developer of ‘Taewang Spark’, Dowon Investment & Development Co.,Ltd., announced that it will open urban theme park ‘Spark Land’ on the 17th at upper level of the building.

Taewang Spark is an eight-story building erected on the site which was previously known as Gong-pyeong parking lot.  The new building is an urban theme park and shopping mall, incorporating fashion, cosmetics, F&B, lifestyle, VR sports & game, and theme park in just one building from the ground to the top.

Prior to its grand opening, the ‘Spark Land’ and ‘Happy Villains’ – experience · hybrid VR sports theme park – will greet their first guests.

Spark Land hosts carnival game land, rides, food court, resting area, view deck, event site, and convenience facilities for the visitors. Ferris wheel offers city view, ‘Twist Tower’ provides extreme high-speed fall experience, ‘disc-o’ thrills guests with sky-jumping sensation, and ‘Copernicus’ emulates miniaturized solar system on the Dongseong-ro sky.

An open terrace will provide a venue for street busking, hip hop, and dance battle.  ‘Deck Road’ gives way for a sky-walk while visitors enjoy downtown view, and ‘Nude Floor’ will make visitors feel like they are walking in the air.

High definition video making equipment for youtubers, ‘Vertical Eco-Wall’ filled with flowers, ‘Graffiti’ zone, and ‘Music Lighting Show’ to fill the night sky of Daegu are also available.

Spark Land will host festival parade in vicinity of Dongseong-ro and provide luminous bracelets to all visitors on the opening day.

Staff from the Spark Land customer relations said “we will offer entry ticket at discounted price during the week of Daegu Citizen’s Day (FEB 21 ~ 28) to join in the spirit of the festival.”

Taewang Spark’s grand opening day is to be determined, based on tenant’s construction and business schedules.

Thus far, Taewang Spark has confirmed to host Spark Land, Happy Villains, a handmade burger joint (popular in Seoul for a long que to get in), A-land (multi concept store), 8Seconds (SamSung SPA brand), and Top Ten (casual wear).

Utilizing the brand power of the above mentioned businesses, Barmi Sushi Buffet and Shabu Shabu will also join to boast their newly developed menu.

CEO of Dowon Investment & Development Co.,Ltd., Mr. Lee, Dong-gyeong said “Taewang Spark is not just a visual landmark, but also a venue filled with various contents to make life in Daegu more enjoyable.  I would like to see many citizens and tourists visit and enjoy to the fullest.”

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